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Knowledge – Coriander

Coriander! Aaah yes this is #coriander seeds and powder. I must say, as a child, I never knew this spice in Ghanaian cooking, however, I found them at the Ghanaian spice market recently. So it seems it's now being used in Ghanaian cuisine. #coriander is widely...
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Knowledge Bank- Nutmeg

This is good old #nutmeg it's called in 5 different languages, #Muscade (#French), #Muskatnuss (#German), #muskatn√łtt (#Norwegian), #Muskatnod (#Danish), #Muskottipahkina(#Finnish). Amazing how they all start with an M and very similar huh! Unfortunately, we didn't get an #African name. It looks like we just call it #nutmeg....
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Ofam (Spicy Plantain Cake)

Ofam is basically a spicy ripe plantain cake. It's a great way of using over ripe plantains which would soak up too much oil when fried or will be too soft when boiled. Nonetheless a perfectly ripe plantain can also be used. This savoury plantain cake can...
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