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Aftrad Village Kitchen’s Paposhito Green Chilli Sauce

Aftrad Village Kitchen’s Paposhito Green Chilli Sauce is a favourite Ghanaian traditional pepper sauce made with Kpakposhito (Pettie Belle Chillies). Kpakposhito (Pettie Belle Chilli) looks very much like Scotch Bonnet but a mini version. It has a fragrant aroma, it’s spicy hot and tasty. Due to its fragrance...
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Nkati Cake (Peanut Brittle)

I so love these Ghanaian sweets, they always remind me of my childhood days particularly after church service on Sundays. That was the only time I got to enjoy sweets like nkati cake, kube cake, agbeli kankro and others. Somehow, the vendors of these sweets would always...
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Kube cake

This sweet brings back nostalgia from my young days when we used to attend Martyrs of Uganda Church in Ghana. For me the highlight of the day was munching on one of the sweets sold by the street vendors who flooded the church compound. Oh these vendors...
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Waakye Stew

Waakye Stew as the name goes is basically a popular stew served with waakye. A good waakye must have a good waakye stew otherwise it's not 'the waakye'. In Ghana, waakye stew is known to be best made by people from the northern parts and it's one...
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Akoko Nkate Nkwan (Chicken Groundnut Soup)

If you have been visiting my blog here or a follower on Instagram, you will know by now that Ghanaians love their soups. A good meal by Ghanaian standards will usually be a hearty soup with some carbohydrate usually fufu. Interestingly for me, I have never been...
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