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Ginger Drink – Two ways!

Oooh! I just love this drink, it's not just satisfying but great and healthy for the body. Ginger drink is a Ghanaian traditional drink usually served at parties. I remember as a child there was always homemade ginger drink at any child's party I went to. We...
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Green Plantain Chips

Aaah, Ghanaians and Nigerians love their plantain chips, it's eaten usually as a snack and it's popularly sold as street food. I think plantain chips could appear on the top five 'street food snacks on the go' in both countries. We love them so much we have...
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Knowledge Bank – Aniseed (Nkitinkiti)

This is #Aniseed /#pimpinella #Anisum /# nkitinkiti as it's popularly known in Ghana. #nkitinkiti has a sweet and aromatic flavour. As a child learning how to cook, I was told to add this to almost everything I cooked. From making #meko for stews, marinades for chicken, meat...
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Knowledge Bank – Chilli

#Chillies / #Mako #dwanee /#Akwele #waabii /#Barkono /#shito #gbinn /#mako /#yebese #toto /#cayenne #pepper Chillies you either like it hot or not! I think we all know what we use chillies for! What most us are not aware of are it's health benefits. Chillies are an amazing...
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Knowledge Bank – Rosemary

Rosemary (#rosmarinus #officinalis) is a fragrant herb with needle like leaves. The leaves are used as flavouring in foods. It goes well with just about anything, lamb, pork chicken. It's also great with tomato based sauces. As far as I can remember, we called it #Rosemary...
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