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Mushroom & Bacon Frittata

I just don't like food going to waste so I am always looking for ways to use up leftovers before I do my grocery shopping at the end of the week. I woke up today craving all sorts like, bofrot, koose, ofam muffins and generally some good...
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Chicken Curry (Indian Inspired)

I just love curries and although it's not traditionally Ghanaian other Eastern African countries have curry as part of their traditional dishes. This is due to the migration and influence of Indians in those regions. So curry is not totally alien to Africa. Just as well because...
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Roasted Bell Pepper Chilli Sauce

Fresh Meko (chilli sauce) is a Ghanaian basic sauce that is served with meals like kenkey, fried yam, banku, rice, etc. We love the touch of instant heat it adds to our meals. Fresh meko is however, not long lasting hence we have various versions of chilli sauces which...
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Knowledge Bank – Pepre (CLOVES)

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** #Pepre / #Kofiri /#Mosuro /#Kanum/ #Chincali a.k.a. #cloves. Moon months ago when I got you to guess this spice, almost all of you got this spice right and actually revealed quite a lot about how you use it. It shows how well this spice is used...
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