Joana has a passion for cooking and helps people learn about their African culture and traditions, and most importantly attach themselves with their African identity through food. Her unflinching desire to pass on knowledge led her to blog and set up a platform to share traditional recipes, teach how to cook and provide background insight to foods to the African community. Predominantly, her aim is to curate and revive long lost traditional recipes, with particular reference to the Ghanaian culture, based on her Ghanaian roots.

‘Aftrad Village Kitchen’, was set up in January 2015 to fulfill the above passion and goal.  Aftrad, the first part of the name was coined from African Traditions.

Aftrad Village Kitchen currently has over 10 followers and still growing.  For those who grew up in Ghana or West Africa , the blog takes you down memory lane of the traditional foods enjoyed in childhood. Additionally, people seeking to resonate and reconnect with their African identity, will find the blog very resourceful because it provides in-depth knowledge and basic comprehension of certain delicacies. In a nutshell, everyone can easily bond or one way or another relate to the food.

Currently, Aftrad Village Kitchen is working towards being a hub of easily sourced African products. We make chilli sauces and spice blends inspired from traditional ingredients and recipes. Follow our social media platforms to be kept updated.

She is a professional Civil Engineer with expertise in highway & transportation sector. Joana was born in Accra, Ghana and later moved to the United Kingdom in 2004.


Joana Yeboah- Acheampong

(Owner Aftrad Village Kitchen).