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Pinkaso – Basic recipe

Pinkaso is a savoury snack made from flour, onions and pepper. It is usually paired with Hausa koko (Millet Porridge) but can be equally enjoyed with any other breakfast cereal or beverage of choice. INGREDIENTS:
  • 350g Plain Flour
  • 1 Tsp Salt (levelled)
  • 7g Dry Active Yeast
  • 12g Bicarbonate...
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Knowledge Bank- Nutmeg

This is good old #nutmeg. We asked our instagram followers for alternative names in other languages and this is what they came up with, #Muscade (#French), #Muskatnuss (#German), #muskatnøtt (#Norwegian), #Muskatnod (#Danish), #Muskottipahkina(#Finnish). Amazing how they all start with an M and very similar huh! Unfortunately, we...
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Ayoyo (Molokhaya leaves) Soup

Ayoyo soup is a green leaf soup enjoyed by tribes in the northern region of Ghana. It's popularly served with tuo, a maize & cassava meal like dumpling. Ayoyo is the local name for Jews or Jute Mallow or Egyptian Spinach or bush okra. It's a very...
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Ghanaian Breakfast Options

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