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Bambara Nuts

These are called Bambara beans or Bambara groundnuts or Bambara nuts for short. I know there’s some question marks on whether it’s supposed to be beans or nuts. It’s from the legume family and its plants grow like groundnuts with ripened pods in the ground. Hence its called beans or nuts. Although Bambara beans originates from West Africa, it grows well in sub Saharan Africa too. Some of its names in other African languages are: azi nogui -Ewe, Simkpla -Dagbani, Okpa – Ibo, Indlubu- Ndebele , Nyimo- Shona.

Bambara beans is highly nutritious with a high protein content. It’s benefits include:
– reducing danger of stomach cancer
– lowering cholesterol – maintain healthy bones
– defeats malnutritional problems like kwashiorkor .
Amongst others .

Bambara beans can be roasted & salted and eaten as a snack just like any beans. But it’s usually boiled until soft, spiced and sweetened and served as a sauce. Just as suggested by most of you in the previous post. Bambara milk can also made from the beans. This milk is considered highly nutritious compared to soya beans and cow peas milk. In Eastern Nigeria, Bambara bean flour is used to make the Ibo delicacy OKpa. I’m sure there are many other delicacies and recipes using Bambara beans. If you do know of one please share with us.

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