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Chillies you either like it hot or not! I think we all know what we use chillies for! What most us are not aware of are it’s health benefits. Chillies are an amazing spice you won’t believe it. I’m going to touch on a few which will hopefully get you researching about this spice.
Chillies contains a component called #capsaicin which is responsible for the intense heat. It has been found that eating chillies can have a positive impact on people that are overweight or suffer diabetes. Chillies help to control insulin levels. #Capsaicin contains #neuropeptide associated with inflammatory process. Regular intake of chillies can help to minimize the effects of auto -inflammatory diseases such as #rheumatoid and #arthritis. Chillies are an effective pain relief, it also has therapeutic effect on the body. When we have colds, we’re usually told to eat some hot curry. This is because it provides congestion relief. Capsaicin has been found to help stop the spread of prostate cancer. It lowers the risk of stomach cancer, help burn fat, lower cholesterol and reduce fibrin in blood. (source Google chilli willy: Luke Carter – Clinical Nutritionist).

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