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Fennel seeds look like cumin seeds but are greener and have a liquorice flavour with a sweet aroma. It’s more like aniseed flavour (#nkitinkiti). Unfortunately I don’t know its local name in Ghana but if you know it’s name in any other language, let me know.

Fennel is used in spice mixes such as Chinese five spice. It’s great as a seasoning for most meats particularly pork. It’s used as flavoring in baking bread, biscuits, in salads, soups and just about anything. Get the full flavour from fennel seeds by lightly toasting before grinding the seeds.

The health and medicinal benefits of fennel seeds is so amazing that I think this spice should be added to all your dishes. These are some of the health benefits: 1 It increases metabolism. Metabolism refers to the rate at which our cells use up energy from the food we eat. By boosting metabolism, calories in food are burned off faster in the body, aiding in fat loss.
2 It is a natural appetite suppressant. Thinking of purchasing artificial appetite suppressing tablets? Drink fennel water instead. Even chewing on the seeds helps naturally quell appetite.
3 The seeds are said to aid in blood purification. Fennel seed water may help clear out excess uric acid in the blood stream and break down bile. It promotes digestion of fats in the liver as well.
4 Fennel water may help to detoxify the body. In today’s world, we are bombarded with toxins from every angle, from car exhaust fumes to cosmetic products. This drink helps flush out the toxins in the blood stream via the kidneys.
5 It is a mild stimulant. This infused water can help you keep alert and awake, without caffeine! Sipping the water throughout the day can help you keep alert and awake, giving you just enough motivation to get up and exercise, without the usual caffeine crash.
6 An anti-spasmodic which helps to suppress hunger pangs by relaxing the stomach muscles that produce the sensation. This can help you intake less calories and lose excess weight.
7 It may stimulate melatonin which is a natural hormone produced in the brain by the pituitary gland, which is responsible for regulating sleep.
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