Knowledge Bank – Pepre (CLOVES)

#Pepre / #Kofiri /#Mosuro /#Kanum/ #Chincali a.k.a. #cloves. Moon months ago when I got you to guess this spice, almost all of you got this spice right and actually revealed quite a lot about how you use it. It shows how well this spice is used and loved.
#Cloves have a sweet pungent aromatic smell. This lends to it being used in cooking, baking and drinks/juices. In Ghanaian cooking, cloves are used in soups such as #Abenkwan, #lightsoup , stews such as #waakyestew, #cornbeef #stew , our sweet and spicy savouries such as #kelewele, #ghanachips, drinks such as #sobolo & #ginger drinks basically it can be used for anything so long as you love it’s aromatic smell. It just doesn’t smell good, but it’s got a lot of health benefits.
Cloves can be used as a painkiller medicine. Reduce headaches by drinking a glass of milk to which a paste made from cloves and a dash of rock salt has been added. This mixture is said to reduce headaches quickly and effectively.

Other health benefits include:
•aid in digestion,
•fight against cancer,
•protect the liver,
•boost the immune system,
•controls diabetes,
•preserves bone quality,
•contains anti-mutagenic
•It’s anti-inflammatory
•It has anti-microbial properties,
•fights against oral diseases
•Has aphrodisiac properties

Cloves are also good for reducing flatulence, gastric irritability, dyspepsia, and nausea. They can be roasted, powdered, and taken with honey for relief in digestive disorders.

Another benefit made known to us by our instafamily is to place the cloves in rice to ward off weevils. I guess it’ll work with beans as well and any other grains susceptible to weevil infestation. Hmmm there’s definitely a lot about this aromatic spice we need to learn about but in the meantime let’s continue to use it in our cooking.

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