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palm kernel oil

Amazing Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

Aftrad Village Kitchen’s Palm Kernel Cooking Oil is produced by a reputable and leading supplier of coconut oil in Ghana. Palm Kernel Oil is oil extracted from the kernels of the palm nut fruit. This oil is light in colour as compared to the palm nut oil which is red in colour. Palm Kernel Oil […]

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Coconut Oil

Uses and Health benefits of Coconut Oil

Aftrad Village Kitchen’s Virgin Coconut Oil is produced by a reputable and leading supplier of coconut oil in Ghana. The coconut oil is produced from fresh mature coconuts at low temperatures. It contains no chemicals. The fresh coconuts are harvested from farms which use organic fertilizers and pesticides. Our coconut oil consists of mainly medium chain […]

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Star Anise

Knowledge Bank – Star Anise

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** Star anise, a fruit from an evergreen tree native to southern China has a sweet and licorice-like flavor very similar to aniseed (although unrelated). Due to its strong, delightful fragrance, it’s used in dishes with meat, chicken, seafood, vegetarian dishes, baking and in drinks making such as mulled wine. Check out my recipe […]

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Knowledge Bank – Efom Wisa (GRAINS OF PARADISE)

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** Efom wisa also known as grains of paradise/alligator pepper/guinea pepper is from the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It has a pungent, peppery flavour with citrus hints. It is often described as a vibrant blend of ginger, cardamom and pepper. It is sometimes used to replace black pepper. It can be used to season meat, […]

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Knowledge Bank – Esoro Wisa (ASHANTI PEPPER)

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** Esoro Wisa also known as Piper guineense, Guinea cubeb, Ashanti pepper, Guinea pepper, kukauabe, or Benin pepper is a spice native to West Africa. #Esoro #wisa has an aromatic and pungent smell, tasting like a cross between allspice and black pepper. It’s flavour is also described as being similar to cubeb pepper but […]

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Knowledge Bank – Hwentia (GRAINS OF SELIM)

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** #Hwentia/ #ahentia /#Etso /#Uda (Nigerian) /#Negropepper /#Grainsofselim /#Guineapepper #Senegalpepper/#Ethiopianpepper/#Moorpepper /#Africanpepper – and the list goes on. Wow this spice is known to different people by different names. It is widely used due to its aromatic flavour which can be likened to a mixture of #cubebpepper (#sorowisa )and #nutmeg. It is sometimes used as […]

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Knowledge Bank – Wide3 Aba (CALABASH NUTMEG)

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** #Wide3Aba or #CalabashNutmeg #africannutmeg or #ehuru (Nigerian) or #Jamaicannutmeg or # monodora #myristica. I love this spice, for me it brings back memories of the #Xmas air. My mom would add this spice to our #Xmas #soup, the flavour & smell that filled the house was just Christmasy! #Wide3aba has a sweet, woody […]

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Simmer Tomatoes into Paste

How to Simmer Tomatoes into Paste

As a woman and a busy mum, I love tricks that make my life easy, stress free, easy cleaning and above all enjoy some good food. So I am always on the look out for and finding ways to make my cooking life easy. So this hack, I am going to share with you was […]

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Akakaduro (GINGER)

Knowledge Bank – Akakaduro (GINGER)

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** #Ginger is, or should I say, my favourite spice of all! I love ginger and I add loads of it in my cooking from seasonings for meat, fish & chicken to making drinks, for baking etc. I think so far what I haven’t experimented with ginger is in ice-cream and that is definitely […]

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