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    Mulled Sobolo/Bissap/Zobo/Hibiscus Drink

    As a non-alcoholic drinker, I sometimes feel left out during Christmas parties where mulled wine is served. So at home I always make mulled juice with mulled apple juice being my favourite. This year, I thought, there's got to be a change from apple. During my summer...
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    Ginger Drink – Two ways!

    Oooh! I just love this drink, it's not just satisfying but great and healthy for the body. Ginger drink is a Ghanaian traditional drink usually served at parties. I remember as a child there was always homemade ginger drink at any child's party I went to. We...
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    Ofam (Spicy Plantain Cake)

    Ofam is basically a spicy ripe plantain cake. It's a great way of using over ripe plantains which would soak up too much oil when fried or will be too soft when boiled. Nonetheless a perfectly ripe plantain can also be used. This savoury plantain cake can...
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