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Ghanaian Breakfast Options

    Corned Beef Yam Balls

    In Ghana yams are an everyday staple food. Majority of the time, it is boiled and served with some yummy earthy sauce like palava sauce, garden eggs abom, agushie stew or any of our well loved soups. If not boiled, it is fried and served with shito...
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    Toolu Beef Angwa Mu (Salted Cured Beef Oil Rice)

    Angwa Mu literally meaning Oil Rice is another favourite way of cooking rice in Ghana. It is so simple to cook yet satisfying. It can be cooked plain without the salted beef (Toolu beef) but the toolu beef takes it to another level. Toolu beef is a...
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    How to Make Rice Balls (Omo Tuo)

    Rice balls or Omotuo as we affectionately call it, are basically softened rice traditionally shaped into balls. Rice balls are accompaniments to soups. It is usually an alternative for people who don’t eat our popular fufu. Although it is not as popular as fufu, it has gained a special place in the hearts of Ghanaians. It is so special, most restaurants dedicate Sunday’s as Omotuo Special.


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