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One Pot Smoked Turkey Groundnut Soup

Today I share with you this hearty, earthy, nutty and fragrant one pot groundnut soup made with smoked turkey and mackerel. The main ingredient which the soup takes it name from is groundnut paste. Please it is not the peanut butter paste used as spreads. The spreads...
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Bofrot Pancakes

Being able to make a fail proof delicious pancake is easy for some but not everyone. If you fall in the latter category or just looking for a different taste, then may I suggest to you this bofrot pancake, using Aftrad Village Kitchen's Bofrot Ready...

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Paposhito Mango Chilli wings

Today is my son's birthday and his menu request is my homemade pizza. Do you know it's so easy to make your own? Well, I bring that to you another time but in the meantime let's concentrate on this sweet sticky and spicy chicken wings!...

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Herby Spatchcock Chicken

There’s no better way to look forward to a long weekend of relaxation than to get the barbecue grill out and create some magic and foodie memories with it.  This herby spatchcock chicken came about by using some leftover herbs I had available in my...

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