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Rockies are probably not originally Ghanaian, but they've been part of traditional pastries sold as street snacks for such a long time, we can safely add it to our traditional Ghanaian snacks. Rockies are so easy to make and the kids love them.I remember as a child,...
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Ghana Style Corned Beef Meat Pie

Ghana style meat pies are mainly loved because of its rich shortcrust pastry and filling. Actually, most times the rich pastry is more desirable than the filling. In Ghana, meat pies are usually sold as street food snacks. Every one has their favourite vendor. People do actually...
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Corned Beef Yam Balls

In Ghana yams are an everyday staple food. Majority of the time, it is boiled and served with some yummy earthy sauce like palava sauce, garden eggs abom, agushie stew or any of our well loved soups. If not boiled, it is fried and served with shito...
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Ghana Style Baked Sweet Chips

Ooh! for me as a child, Christmas was more about baking, pastries, doughnuts, fanta, muscatella, the house filled with lovely smells throughout the day. My parents were such generous people. During the Christmas season, they would either kill one of their cows from the farm and share...
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Green Plantain Chips

Aaah, Ghanaians and Nigerians love their plantain chips, it's eaten usually as a snack and it's popularly sold as street food. I think plantain chips could appear on the top five 'street food snacks on the go' in both countries. We love them so much we have...
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