Fresh Bell Pepper Chilli Sauce

Fresh Meko (chilli sauce) is a Ghanaian basic sauce that is served with meals like kenkey, fried yam, banku, rice, etc. We love the touch of instant heat it adds to our meals. Fresh meko is however, not long lasting hence we have various versions of chilli sauces which...
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Fluffy Rice, Mango Salsa & Shito

Do you go through days when you’ve got dinner planned and cooked but your taste buds are screaming for something else.... not what you’ve cooked? Well, so I cooked rice to be served with my leftover spicy Groundnut soup for dinner. But as it so happened, I was...
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Mango Salsa

If you love mangoes, you’ll love this Salsa! The flavour profiles are just great. From the sweetness of the mango to the tartiness of the lime and the kick of heat from the just creates a party in your mouth and takes you to tropical land....
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