Knowledge Bank – Hwentia (GRAINS OF SELIM)

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** #Hwentia/ #ahentia /#Etso /#Uda (Nigerian) /#Negropepper /#Grainsofselim /#Guineapepper #Senegalpepper/#Ethiopianpepper/#Moorpepper /#Africanpepper - and the list goes on. Wow this spice is known to different people by different names. It is widely used due to its aromatic flavour which can be likened to a mixture of #cubebpepper...
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Knowledge Bank – Esoro Wisa (ASHANTI PEPPER)

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** Esoro Wisa also known as Piper guineense, Guinea cubeb, Ashanti pepper, Guinea pepper, kukauabe, or Benin pepper is a spice native to West Africa. #Esoro #wisa has an aromatic and pungent smell, tasting like a cross between allspice and black pepper. It’s flavour is also described as...
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Knowledge Bank – Star Anise

**KNOWLEDGE BANK** Star anise, a fruit from an evergreen tree native to southern China has a sweet and licorice-like flavor very similar to aniseed (although unrelated). Due to its strong, delightful fragrance, it’s used in dishes with meat, chicken, seafood, vegetarian dishes, baking and in drinks making such as...
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