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If you love plantains, are in love with kelewele or kaakro then you will certainly love tatale as well. Tatale is another version of spice infused plantain fritters just like kaakro, with the only difference being that tatale is flat like pancakes whilst kaakro is shaped like a ball. Tatale are best made with over ripen plantains, the kind the you just want to chuck in the bin. However, it’s just the type you need to make tatale. The over ripeness give the tatale a very sweet and caramelised taste which is so loved. So the next time you’re about the throw some over ripen plantains out, think again and save it for this delicious tatale.

My story with this tatale is the other day, I was craving fried plantains with beans stew so I went to my local grocers to purchase some plantains. It turned out to be my lucky day as I ended up being sold a whole box of over ripen plantain for just £5. I mean, I just couldn’t resist the offer although I could possibly not eat the whole box before it was actually any good. But hey, being a plantain lover and with aspirations for my new kitchen gadget in mind, I took the offer. So this new gadget erh!, took me years before I invested in it. I’m not sure why I didn’t get it earlier but oh boy, am I glad that I have it now. By the recipe title I’m sure you have guessed what my new gadget is , an AIR FRYER! Yes, I got myself an air fryer and it’s the best thing in my kitchen so far at the moment, well apart from the plantains. With the air fryer in mind, my aspirations for the plantains were numerous and so I couldn’t resist the offer.

So guess the first recipe I made with the plantains when I got home? Air fried tatale! Yes and it was so good and so healthy. If you are like me who loves fried plantains but has been holding off due to the oil here is a solution for you. Seriously, I am one happy girl at the moment, I can now enjoy my plantains fried in a much healthier way. So here is one of many recipes to come with my air fryer. Air Fried Tatale – this was just one delicious tatale without the excess oil.

As I was making a big batch, the recipe here is for this batch. But I have another Youtube video with recipe for just 1 plantain from which you can double up the measurements. Find that video here.