Fluffy Rice, Mango Salsa & Shito

Do you go through days when you’ve got dinner planned and cooked but your taste buds are screaming for something else…. not what you’ve cooked?

Well, so I cooked rice to be served with my leftover spicy Groundnut soup for dinner. But as it so happened, I was in the mood for something different, something that would tingle my taste buds. Looking through my fridge, it so happened that I had my mango Salsa (recipe here) sitting pretty in my fridge. Next to it was my #AVK extra hot #Shito, a bag of bistro salad which would be going of soon. (If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice how I hate to waste food. I’m always looking for ways to use up my leftovers.) Staring at these ingredients, my taste buds were just feeding into my creative senses and BAM! This meal idea happened and oh boy! Am I glad it did, because this meal was just a party in my mouth….. and you know the best part was I didn’t feel that I worked hard for it.



Plate all the ingredients as shown in the picture and sit relax and enjoy this party in the mouth kinda of food.

Thank me later.



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