Aftrad Village Kitchen’s Paposhito Green Chilli Sauce

Aftrad Village Kitchen’s Paposhito Green Chilli Sauce is a favourite Ghanaian traditional pepper sauce made with Kpakposhito (Pettie Belle Chillies).

Kpakposhito (Pettie Belle Chilli) looks very much like Scotch Bonnet but a mini version. It has a fragrant aroma, it’s spicy hot and tasty. Due to its fragrance and taste, it is traditionally used to make fresh pepper sauce (meko) to accompany most of our Ghanaian dishes.

Aftrad Village Kitchen has made this lovely and well loved traditional sauce available in a bottle. We use fresh ingredients and traditional spices in our Paposhito. To preserve it, we simmer it in oil and bottle it.

Our Paposhito Green Chilli Sauce is a great condiment that instantly adds so much flavour to any dish. It can also be used to marinate fish, meat, chicken and vegetables. Basically it’s a store cupboard essential that adds tones of flavour to any dish particularly when preparing quick meals.

For orders, send email to We are working hard to make it available on our website store but in the meantime please send your order via e-mail.

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