How to grind in Asanka / Apotoyewa

Grinding in an Asanka was one of the first lessons you were taught in the kitchen. Once you passed this test, you then graduated on to learning the main dishes. I guess most Ghanaians of my age and older will identify with this! In actual fact the basis of most Ghanaian sauces and soups starts with meko (hot salsa) made with an Asanka.

Asanka is basically an earthenware mortar with a wooden dumbell like pestle. In these modern times, people choose to use a food processor rather than Asanka. I must say the food processor doesn’t give the same taste and texture. Grinding helps the oils from the ingredients to infuse and marry to produce a lovely aroma and taste.

So if you’ve been taking a shortcut, you’ve been missing out on the real deal!

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